Riverdale Partners really helped us sharpen our value proposition & messaging in conjunction with our equity financing and venture capital investor interactions.

Lance Laking

CEO BTI Photonics (Ottawa)

Who We Are

Riverdale Partners is a boutique advisory firm based on a proven model that adapts to the unique needs of emerging and high growth business units. We combine the best elements of a premium market research and strategic consultancy, marketing agency and sales systems integrator. We first work with our clients to identify game changing strategies - to vision relevant products and innovative business models that connect with the right target customers. Then we work with them to execute through the market launch phase to ensure they are visible and differentiated. We also address sales channel process all the way to sales systems/CRM implementation to give our clients the numbers they need to run their business.

We solve corporate strategy, marketing, sales and operational challenges

We're known for our ability to solve tough marketing and sales problems related to complex technologies and markets. And we're well attuned to the needs of high growth companies and professional services firms. We engage at both a strategic and tactical level in projects spanning a variety of markets including software, telecom, media, and professional services.

Our experienced team offers a ranges of services such as strategic planning; business plan development; product/market research and evaluation; customer value design; brand development; product launch planning; sales process audits; Salesforce and CRM systems implementation; and channel development.

We work with fast-moving organizations

Our customers are looking for predictable and significant gains in revenue, productivity, and profits. The vast majority of them are engaged in selling complex products and services in highly competitive markets. And since many of our clients are venture backed and have aggressive growth targets, they don't have time to waste with inexperienced talent. Nor do they have big consulting firm budgets. Riverdale was formed to provide these companies with accredited industry experienced, on-demand resources who can professionally and pragmatically deliver specialized services.

We deliver exceptional results

We’ve achieved some impressive numbers with our clients over the years by moving innovative products and services to market - faster, cheaper, better. And we do it in a way that recognizes the unique requirements of emerging and high growth companies.

Our customer engagement model provides the benefits of having exceptional resources available on-demand to get to your important projects - without the associated costs of larger consulting firms. It’s a simple yet refreshing value proposition for consulting.

Riverdale combines the best elements of a premium strategic consultancy and marketing agency, bringing the necessary competencies, resources, contacts, and tools to a range of assignments customized for our clients. Our people, our ideas and our approach to solving problems is innovative and refreshingly pragmatic.

In some ways we are just like the big firms. In other ways, we're not

Our people have the academic background and requisite professional certifications you’ll find among the consultants at larger consulting firms. But they also bring years of operating experience working with both startups and large corporate organizations across a range of functions.

At Riverdale you work directly with our firm's principals - not junior, inexperienced talent. Our clients like the fact that our people can quickly plug in to a dynamic environment; then creatively strategize, plan and get the right “stuff” done. It’s this practical experience at both strategic and tactical levels that has helped us develop systems thinking designed for high growth organizations.

We build lasting relationships

For us it’s all about 100% “referencability.” Our business is all done through trusted referrals. At Riverdale we treat our client’s business with a degree of professionalism and passion that is often difficult to find in a consulting firm. While we value smart people, we also value honesty, integrity and teamwork. Our business has been built on a very strong and loyal base of clients who have shared their experiences with others in their industry.