The results they helped us achieve as an extended part of our team were impressive.

John Berton

Former CEO Showcare Solutions Partner, VRG Capital (Toronto)

Employment Opportunities

What we look for...

We have a simple 3-Step model for finding the right people for our team.

First - We look for people with demonstrated specialized project experience and education (both academic and hard knocks) that demonstrates they can do outstanding work for demanding clients.

Second - We look for people who will fit in with our team, who share our philosophy and compliment the overall work environment and those of our clients. They must share our passion for building great companies.

Third - We’re looking for people who have the commitment to stay with us to build a great firm. Top candidates will be evaluated on their ability to eventually head a specific area of our firm as a practice leader.

Our employees and partners earn substantial incomes while enjoying the opportunity to work with flexible project schedules for a prestigious list of clients. If you decide you’d like to inquire further about a position at Riverdale Partners, begin by corresponding with us. Make sure provide us with a resume & cover letter that addresses the following:

  • Your education and qualifications

  • Your experience and accomplishments within the scope of our offering

  • Your approach to client service and project management

  • Why you would be a good addition to the Riverdale team

Send your correspondence to:

If we see a fit, we will follow up with you. Please note that because we receive a considerable amount of correspondence, please forgive us if we do not respond as quickly as we would like to.