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First we take Boston...then we take Berlin

For those of you who don't know about the MaRS Experience!Tech 2008 event, here's the pitch. This event brings you two great events under one roof. Were broadcasting the plenary sessions and keynote live from IDC's annual Directions Conference in Boston, combined with local and U.S. tech superstars featured in our MaRS Master Class panel sessions in Toronto. These sessions will cover six individual tracks of content across key IT sectors.

Add to that the opportunity to engage with promising tech companies selected to demo in the Experience!Tech 2008 Showcase area and top it off with Tom Kelly from IDEO in Palo Alto closing out the day with a blockbuster keynote. It all comes together on March 19 at MaRS. More information on the event can be found on the Experience!Tech 2008 site.

As we move into the home stretch of planning this event, we are continually reminded by colleagues and friends in the tech community about what we need to achieve with such an event. A contemporary example of best practices we can all be inspired by is DemoCamp.
Ask anyone who attended DemoCamp17 this past Monday what they thought of it and they will tell you lots of good things. What organizers David Crow and Jay Goldman and their band of merry coders have built is nothing short of extraordinary. DemoCamp is all about smart creative class people who are empowered by technology and really want to change the world.

The seemingly casual yet tightly scheduled DemoCamp format has all the featured talent and audience interactivity that great events need at the core to be successful with a measure of irreverence and cheekiness thrown in. As the night came to a close this week, I was one of hundreds of people from all walks of life - coders to corporate suits and venture capitalists - who left the room inspired and energized. Technology event organizers in this town could really learn a lot from the DemoCampers. A few thoughts...

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