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Want to be successful in the Dragon's Den?

Monday night the season premiere of Dragon's Den on CBC featured a pair of students-turned-software entrepreneurs who founded one of the more interesting companies I've seen this year in the online services market - SoftShell Computers (a MaRS Venture Group client). The founders, Raul Rupsingh and his partner Stephen Beath (pictured here with Hazel) did a commendable job pitching the Dragon's on their London, Ontario-based venture. Oh, and yes, they 'did the deal' as they say on the show. The dragons were clearly impressed with SoftShell.

What SoftShell is doing is very much on trend these days as it empowers a large base of seniors, giving them the ability to use a standard computer amidst an increasingly complicated set of software technologies. Operating systems such as Windows Vista(tm) and Apple's Leopard(tm) aren't really built for technology pessimists many who are seniors who have no prior experience using a computer. SoftShell's product is an easy-to-use computer interface designed to help this group of people who are becoming increasingly shut out of some very mainstream activities that their friends and family are engaging in, such as email, photo sharing and games. Click here for more.

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