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Lance Laking

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CRM/Sales Systems Implementation

CRM & Salesforce Platforms


Getting the numbers you need to run your business

CRM is a core and often overlooked component to an effective sales, marketing and customer service process. Properly implemented a CRM system helps drive the right activities and measure key outcomes that drive business growth. Our implementations in this area have ranged from developing simple desktop applications for sales pipeline tracking, to more powerful enterprise-wide applications on leading CRM platforms.

Our consultants specialize in imparting best practices related to workflow and collaboration on key information that can be delivered to your salespeople in an integrated fashion – such as standardized corporate marketing documents and sales contracts. And our proprietary Contextual Customer Conversations™ (C3) framework can also be input into custom fields within your CRM system to ensure salespeople are following a systematic process. We also can also provide assistance in integrating external data such as Hoovers™ and OneSource™ to make telesales operations run more efficiently. Customer support information can also be accessed to more effectively empower salespeople prior to or during client contact.

We also work with senior management in your client organization to identify and track the 10-20 most meaningful marketing, sales and service metrics that drive the business. Then we create custom real-time reports, dashboards and alerts that give you one button access to the numbers you need to better forecast and deliver on your targets. And best of all, we build them into your existing SalesForce.com, SalesLogix™ or Interaction™ system so they can leverage the investment you’ve already made. Clients tell us that making this investment not only enables improved management of their business on a daily basis, it also enables senior management to better communicate marketing and sales progress to investors, the Board of Directors, partners and other stakeholders.

Salesforce.com is fast becoming the in-demand solution for companies who want more out of their marketing and sales. That’s why Riverdale Partners is a certified Salesforce.com implementation partner (www.salesforce.com). Our certified consultants have received in-depth training at the Salesforce.com headquarters in San Francisco. In addition they have written a final certification exam which includes completion of a comprehensive customer engagement.

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Post-Sales Customer Dialog & Support


Why customer dialog is essential to better marketing, sales and product development

What often goes overlooked, especially in early-stage companies is the value of customer satisfaction and its impact on customer retention. While standard case management and customer support applications within many CRM systems provide much of the functionality necessary for gathering and sharing key client information, much of this information is not properly tracked or reported to the right people across the organization.

We start with a detailed needs analysis and overlay this against a set of best-practices that works for your particular business. We then create a bi-directional communications system that allows for timely identification of individual and broader customer needs. For instance the type and frequency of help desk calls can be used to pinpoint recurrent product issues. Poor utilization rates or high usage can be used to cross-sell/up-sell or optimize a customer to retain and grow clients. Customer research programs such as online surveys conducted via email can also be integrated to automatically feed customer data directly into the system – saving valuable time and money in data collection and reporting. And of course, integration of this data helps measure the true costs of acquiring and servicing customers and channel partners.

Our CRM consultants work with your support staff and management to help identify important customer support information that needs to be centralized, as well as the operational metrics that are best captured within the system. This information is essential to better marketing, sales and product development.

Click here to download our CRM/SFA Practice Overview PDF

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